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What we have to offer



Kosei Pharma UK now bring to the market its own line of Generics.

Contact our friendly sales team on: 01753 314399 to find out more and place your order.


Parallel Import (PI)

Kosei Pharma UK Limited has a wide range of Parallel Import licences. This puts Kosei Pharma in a strong position when it comes to importing goods from the European Union.

Having built up a strong network of suppliers Kosei Pharma has established a good reputation for importing and supplying goods at competitive prices.

We also import Japanese cosmetics and distribute these in Europe e.g. Cuòre K-Palette product range.

Should you wish to take advantage of our expertise and experience then don’t hesitate and get in touch today!


Contract Labelling (CL)

At Kosei Pharma UK, we have invested in both man power and machinery to help us deliver a reliable labelling service for our customers with predictable turnaround times.

Should you potentially wish to place a contract labelling order then please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quotation.


How we work


Based in Slough UK, Kosei Pharma’s UK operations are managed in two distinct sites that offer a combined floor space of 24,000 square feet. These two sites are managed by a workforce of more than 170 employees.

Considerable investment has been made into maintaining the correct environment, both in terms of security and climate control, for the storage and processing of medical supplies for our customers. We comply with all required regulations in the handling and processing of all our goods. So, customers can rest assured knowing that goods sent to us or supplied by us have been handled in a professional manner and in accordance with governing rules and regulations.




We are using access control technology to maintain a secure controlled warehouse environment.

This not only safe guards us from intruders and visitors wondering where they shouldn’t but it also protects our customers’ products whilst they are in our possession.



As well as modern measure to control unauthorised access into our premises we use traditional security measure to secure our sites especially after working hours.



We have deployed a wireless temperature monitoring solution from JTF Wireless. This allows us to keep a close eye on the temperature across different warehouse zones from Goods In all the way through to Goods Out. We also make use of transport loggers to monitor the conditions when goods are transported.



To protect our staff, company property and stock, as well as our customers goods’ we have deployed over 50 CCTV cameras to keep a watchful eye on daily operations at Kosei Pharma.



To maintain a controlled environment for all goods stored at our sites we make use of air conditioning and heating system to keep the temperature in the warehouse and assembly environment within acceptable upper and lower thresholds.


We maintain a healthy clean environment because we understand the importance of storing medical supplies in the right environment. That is why we have Rokill regulary visit our site to keep a close eye on traps and baits.